Saturday, December 4, 2010

An outing with Two Children & a Monkey!!

On a warm bright September 26th, 2010 Minuette and I ventured out to see if we could not find Gurious George. We were to meet up with Uncle Paul, Auntie Andrea, Jakob and meet Julia for the first time.  As it is with newly borns and on top of it a pre-schooler in tow it takes even longer to get anywhere so of course our friends were late. We didn't mind .... well I didn't, I understood the difficulties. But Min was constantly asking where are they????????

 It was a happy moment when they finally arrived.  And the kids absolutely adored each other. I might as well write it here. Julia is an exact duplicate of her older brother.  Well ... she's less chubby than he was at the same age but still in the features that count they are the exact same.  Which will make it easy for when they are teenagers and Jake has to be "The BIG Brother" and say to guys: You better stay away from my sister!!" No one will ever ask him which one's your sister???

The pre-schooler hand-holding they did this often was so adorable
Stalking of Pokaroo!!

More Staking!

Hey I thought we were here to find Curious George but Pokaroo is a Canadian Favorite too!

Getting in place

Pokaroo being mobbed!!!

Finally a perfect Picture! Sort of

The Ultimate Strong man!!
 At this point we have just been told that George went for lunch so as Paul kept the pre-schoolers from running into the mob of other children at this 'Word on the Street' event. We decided about what to do about lunch.  When you have 2 pre-schoolers and a newly born baby food is a serious thing to discuss.  

On the way to lunch we met the library mascot!!

I don't think Min was very impressed.
 We were directed by Paul and his fountain of information of all things acedemic to a nice courtyard belonging to University of Toronto,  We had picked up corn on the cob on the way from a vendor roasting them on an open fire BBQ and sent Paul back to get some hotdogs and We both had packed some stuff for the kids so we shared between the Jakob and Minuette. It was a very nice picnic .... even though Minuette ate all of her entire cob and proceeded to eat mine in which I think I only got to eat a third of.... oh well the things we give up for our kids!! It was very delicious.
 After the food had been eaten the kids began to play. They were horsing around it was so funny. I know in some of the following pictures it looks like Jake was being very "rough" with Minuette but take the dress so seriously she's got a good hold of her masculine side and gave as good as she got..... but alas there was some very tender moments in there as you can see from the first 2 pictures here.
 I think the one that we should have been worried about getting hurt is Paul. They beat him up pretty good. Min gotten him even worse once I got her out of her dress and into some jeans for the real good rough housing and horse play.

Yes that is Jakob on top of Min. It's really very funny.  She would fall down and lay in the grass and then he would fall down on top.

Looking for shoes!

But Mama Jakob's a horsey!!

3 girls got their picture taken with Curious George and Minuette hugging him. She would not let go until we told her to turn around so we can take a picture of them together!!

MAking sure that her "Curious George Medal" was there for the picture.

yep it's still there.

Having to say good-bye.


Departing from a fun and exciting outing has never been Minuette's strong point.  Paul, Andrea, Jakob and Julia left us at Bloor/Yonge subway station as we went onto Davisville Station by the time we got to Rosedale Minuette was in full swing of a meltdown saying that her friends need to come to her house and play with her some more. She does this with everyone she really loves and doesn't get to see alot of. It's never easy for me to deal with but I can definately sympathise with her.  It was a really great day!!!

It's Been SOOO long

No Minuette has not stopped existing just got really sidetracked .... with ADULT stuff, you know paying the bills and making sure all is well.  Well that and setting up outings. Please stayed tuned for upcoming posts about what Minuette has been up to!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Holidays!

The Holidays are about being together with friends, family and loved ones.