Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lots of Stuff not Earlier Posted

Well I have put her on the Cover of December 2010 Today's Parent Magazine.  Maybe next year I'll be able to give copies to others....

Minuette has been growing consistantly over the last little while but what's grown mostly is her ability to reason out things and make decisions. She asked me about a month or so ago when she was going to get her a little sister. That is a hard question to answer as she was not planned, Her father never really considered having children and doesn't seem to want anymore.

She has also asked for a dog, and if she couldn't have a dog, she would like to have the following animals:

Baby Jaguar
Monkey named boots (yes she watches Dora)
the list goes on ..........

I will try to be more consistant with the updates.

The Following is Min in her many winter putside activities that she did this year for the 1st time. 

Children's Christmas Mass

Tobaganning after Church

Ice Skating for the 1st time

1st time skating

1st time skating

My Visits with Lisa!!!

On Sunday August 30, 2009 I went to Centreville with Lisa we had alot of fun and we went on alot of rides.

This post was created back in 2009 but not sure what happened to actually publishing it so i do it now with this additional commentary.

Lisa has been one of the few people I have a long lasting friendship with. I have known her 21 maybe 22 years a whole life time. We have lost touch and found each other but the few short years we didn't talk melts away as if they didn't exist.  She is one of the few people I truely trust with my life in every sense of the words.  She has moved to BC as she is in the Canadian Navy and well there's more work where there's an ocean.  So days like this that come far and few between are precious to me and I cherish them always and forever.

On a side note.... Minuette keeps asking to go to Lisa's house. An impossible feat unless we travel to Victoria, BC hopefully maybe .... in May 2011????

Minuette and the VIA Rail

So during the summer Minuette and I accompanied by her Auntie Sherry loaded onto the VIA Rail for the first time (for Min) to visit her Grandma (my mom)  who lives in Belleville.  She had a bast and even insists on going every weekend but alas we can not afford this. It was the very first time a cognisant Minuette had met her Grandmother.  I have not had an easy (which is being very kind here) relationship with my Mom. In fact I never thought I would ever see her again and even have Minuette be around her.

Things change. Priorities change. Especially when someone you care about leaves you.  It's been my mission that those people that need to be important in her life are important and are there. I am not always successful but I will continue to try.

Sherry and Minuette before the train started moving

Minuette watching the scenery going by ....

Minuette enjoying the scenery


We are going sooo fast Mama!!!

We meet Sasha

Lunch at Grandma'a

Singing while doing Grandma's hair

Doing Grandma's hair

On the way to the beach

The 3 Amigos ... We are Family (Me, Minuette, & Sherry)

The Notorious Uncle Timmy .... Minuette still isn't sure of him yet.

Grandma, Minuette and the inner tube!! What fun!!


Uncle Timmy

Uncle Timmy

Me and Mom sunbathing! I burn easy!

Playing Horsey

Helping with Dinner .... yum corn.....

Helping with Dinner .... yum corn.....

Helping with Dinner .... yum corn.....

A bit of exercise after dinner anyone??? Gramdma & Minuette swimming

A bit of exercise after dinner anyone??? Gramdma & Minuette swimming

A bit of exercise after dinner anyone??? Sherry & Minuette swimming

Finished swimming!

Minuette playing with Sasha, that poor dog kept rumming away and hiding from Min who thought she was playing hide and go seek!  She so wants to have a dog of her own!!!

PLaying around with Grandma before we leave for home

Sherry being Silly!

one of many good-bye kisses

The final Good-bye Pat.

Waiting for the train ... She's still patting ...

Grandma, Minuette, Me, and Sasha

The Girls.
Sherry, Grandma, Minuette, Me, and Sasha
just as the train is pulling in

On the train heading home ......

Couldn't make it all the way home without a snooze .....