Thursday, February 24, 2011

Min has a Baby Sister and a Pet

So Wednesday was grocery shopping day. So Min and I waited downstairs in the lobby with the cart to help bring the groceries upstairs when her father came home in the cab with all of it. While we were there she started pushing the cart all around the lobby saying that she was taking her baby for a walk in the cart. She even let me hold it for awhile then her dada came and we all went upstairs.

After putting all the groceries away (her while holding onto her baby) puts the baby down on the couch and goes back to the cart, I asked her what she was doing with the cart. She said she was getting her second baby.  So here now she has 2 invisible babies.

Later on while laying in bed she started to talk about her babies. I asked what theirs names were. If I was going to share the apartment not only with herself and her father but 2 brand new babies I wanted to know more about them.

Well here I thought that they were HER babies but as it turns out the boy is actually a 3 toed sloth named Sammie who visits Diego's house.
And then there is Laughie who is not actually her baby but mine and is her baby sister... but she said she will feed her and play with her and cuddle her to sleep like I do for her.

She really wants a sibling..................

Friday, February 4, 2011

A Late Night Conversation

On February 3, 2011 I had gotten my hair cut and dyed and being sensitive to chemicals I was suffering from a bad migraine (oh what I am willing to go thru to get rid of the greys) and at night Minuette was chittering and chattering as she fell asleep as she often does when she's not quite wanting to go to bed. The following conversation ensued......

Mama:  Minuette I have a really bad headache and I need silence can you please stop talking?

Minuette: What's silence?

Mama: Well it's a lack of sound

Minuette: What's that?

Mama: (said as I cover her mouth with my hand) well it's where you do not talk and I do not talk
(after a few minutes of no talking I uncover her mouth) and that is silence.

Minuette: oh okay and silence will get rid of your bad headache?

Mama: yes, can you please give me some silence then?

Minuette: okay

after about 5 minuetes of blissful silence ........

Minuette:  This is boring, it's giving me a headache I will need slience to get rid of it (she then rolls over and falls asleep)

I don't often share these conversations but I thought this one was just too cute not to share it.