Monday, March 28, 2011

I want a pet Bat!

Minuette has a habit of "talking in her sleep", and also walking up momentarily during the night to say something and immediately fall back to sleep.

Last night she awoke for a split second and said: "Mama I want a BAT for a pet!" I was not sure even to myself what she had said so I had asked her, Do you want a BAT for a pet? Like in Pearlie the Park Fairy? Her response was Yes. I said okay then we will call him Ludwig and he can wear underpants. She giggled and went back to sleep.  She says the cutest things when she's asleep doesn't she???

Minuette and Glasses

Don't I look good in Mama's Glasses?

Minuette is infatuated with glasses. She has tried on her father's glasses, almost everyone she meets sunglasses. She even has her own sunglasses. Hopefully she won't ever need them but seeing as both her parents need them *(for different things) there is a chance she will too. Good thing she likes them.

Movie Star Minuette!

3D - can't get her to wear them to watch the movies but she'll wear them in other places.

See she even tried to Steal Sarah's at her 1st Birthday Party!!

doesn't matter if they are actually goggles!