Friday, July 24, 2009

A Day with the Boys

I went to playgroup that Ben usually goes to on July 14th to my surprise and pleasure Jake was there. We all played nicely.

Afterwards we had lunch at a place called Wimpy's. I was stuck in a highchair while the boys got to sit beside auntie Andrea. We had loads of fun.

The boys played with toys and looked out the window. We enjoyed ourselves. Of course when the eating was all done it was time to go we got a chance to give some hugs.

I tried to given Ben a highfive but he wanted a kiss instead so I never got my highfive!

Afterwards Jake went home and Ben and I went back into the mall where we played on the rides. We went on the school bus and drove the school bus, Then we pretended we were police officers and then dump truck drivers. It was really really fun.

We really liked being police officers!

Then we went on another moving ride that went back and forth and it had colors and was really fun. Also Ben was really nice and tried to keep me safe. But we both ended up falling down at the end of it cause I wanted to Hug Ben in thanks for such a fun day!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Sarah Brainwashed Me

See here how I ask for Sarah repeatedly?! Mama say's she's sure Sarah brainwashed me. She would like to start a petition for Sarah to reverse this brainwashing and make me the way I used to be. I'm already trying to recycle everything. (Even some non recyclable things) but what's wrong with that?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Uncle Fixton asks Auntie Jessie to Marry Him and she said.......

On July 10th, 2009 Mama, Dada and myself got ready to go to Appleby Go Station as we were told to be there as it was Uncle Fixton's Surprise Birthday Party.

When we got to the station to be brought the rest of the way to a restaurant named "Milestones" it was Uncle Fixton who was there so I guess it was no longer a surprise.

My grandpa was there and my step grandma Joyce. My Auntie Janet came and my cousin's Ethan, Olivia and Isabella were there. Ethan's girlfriend Danielle was there too. Plus Auntie Jessie's sister and Parent's were there too. And of course Auntie Jessie was there.

As it turned out Uncle Fixton surprised Auntie Jessie instead of the other way around. If you watch the movie you will see what her answer was....

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Some cute picks of Me.

Just some cute pictures of me playing dress up.

Here I am playing with my new Unicirn Hee-Haw see my "cowgirl hat?" well it's not a real cowgirl hat but I'm pretending i'm collecting stuff to feed her. I had just gotten off her. It was fun riding. She is really fast.

Here I am posing for a picture in Mama's shoes. I was just looking after my baby Mari. She was crying and I comforted her and laid her down for her nap.

Here I am getting Mari ready for her dinner. It's very important that she sits in the highchair and eats so she doesn't choke on her food. See I am still wearing the Mama shoes. My mama says I walk in them better than she does. I really enjoy playing with all the shoes I can find. So if you ever come over please don't be surprised if I start playing with yours too!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Emmy and Chris

Mama's friend Emmy came and visited us with her new baby Chris on July 9, 2009. They came to visit for my birthday because they couldn't make it to my birthday party.
They gave me a Cabbage Patch Kid for my birthday. Her birthday is May 19th. Her name was originally Henriette Dona but no one liked that name so we changed it to Mariette Dona instead, we call her Mari for short. She is blonde and blue eyed and very pretty. Mama had a little plastic bottle she saved from Auntie Andrea's baby shower and gave it to me so I can give my new baby a bottle. And she gave me some of my old baby clothes to dress her with as I didn't like the clothes she was wearing. And

she's now in cloth diapers like I was when I was first born.

Mama and Emmy took me and Chris to the Japanese Restaurant and bought lunch and then brought us to the park where we ate Chicken Teriyaki with Rice and Miso soup. It also comes with Broccoli and Cabbage which I enjoy eating very much. I played in the park for a bit and then when we walked Emmy and Chris to the subway but I didn't know that was what we were doing because when they got on the elevator without me I started to realize they were leaving and I was inconsolable. Nothing Mama could do would stop the tears and later that night I had a nightmare about them leaving me behind.
Mama says they will come back and visit but didn't tell me when I hope it's soon. In the meantime she says that I will be seeing Sarah and Ben but until yesterday she wouldn't tell me when. Sarah is supposed to come on Thursday's but hasn't been keeping the date and now I have to resort to asking Mama incessantly when she will come. Mama says it's not my fault that she doesn't come but somehow I think it is. I keep saying sorry but she still doesn't come. Mama says she's coming on Monday but I don't know about that. I want her to come now.
Anywho here's a few pictures from my outing with Emmy and Chris.
Bye for NowMin xoxoxox

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Wedding for Dan & Maria

On June 30th, 2009 I attended the wedding of Daniel Avramov and Maria Petrou.

I slept thru the entire ceremony but my Mama took video while others used her camera to take pictures.
I was wide awake for the reception. However I was too hungry and wanted food and the line up took forever. There seemed to be a million people there. I guess alot of people really love them. I do. It's not unreasonable others would too.
But after a little embarrassing upset things settled down for me and I got to eat lots of good food and cuddle with some friends but as it was getting close to my bed time I had to leave just as desert was being served. I didn't even get a chance to dance. I've included a little slideshow of the pictures that were taken. I hope you like them. There's even pic's of the food we ate!!
Bye for Now,

Min xoxoxoxo

Monday, July 6, 2009

Minuette's Second Birthday Party!!

Yes this is an edited version but I think it's better............ and Auntie Sarah will see all the pictures....

Minuette was joined by:
Uncle Adrian, Aunt Nasreen, Uncle Paul, Uncle Andrew, Aunt Sarah, Uncle Tristan, Aunt Andreea and Benjamin Cedric. Of course Mama & Dada were there too!

I had a blast and enjoyed all my presents. Most were books which I have read and reread over and over again. My most favorite present thought was a really giant pink Unicorn which I have named Hee-Haw.
So the party or get together was held at Il Fornello on Queen's Quay and was to start at 4pm.
Of course as usual we were late but surprisingly were only 15 minutes late and even more surprisingly we were the first to arrive. Mama started feeling panicked as she thought maybe she told everyone the wrong time. But then remembered she spoke with Auntie Sarah and confirmed the time but she knew they were going to be late... but where were everyone else??? It didn't bug me I decided to take a nap until everyine decided to come.
I understand that Uncle Adrian and Uncle Paul were the first to arrive we were finally able to get into the restuarant and sit down at our table. I was still sleeping.

They waited another hour before anyone else showed up which was kind of a tie. I on the other hand only waited a half hour at which time my parents ordered me some food and had just started it when .... Auntie Sarah, Uncle Andrew and Ben arrived. I immediately forgot all about my food to play with my friend Ben. You will see in my photos that there was a few hugs and kisses passed between us when he arrived. I always enjoy having Ben around especiall at restuarants adults can be sooo boring. Then like magic Uncle Tristan and Auntie Andreea came out of no where with this really giant Unicorn. But Mama wouldn't let me play with it. So I found a couple of Ben's toys to play with... he's really great about sharing his restuarant going toys with me.

And then everyone ordered food and drinks and the adults talked while Ben and I played. I gave lots of hugs and kisses to Uncle Tristan I don't get to see him very often. Mama says he lives in the place called Pittsburgh, apparently there are Penguins there but I don't know about that. The books all say they are from the antarctic. Ben and Auntie kept bugging Mama to open my presents so while we waited for the food arrive she let me open the gifts I was given. (Dada was upset that everyone bought me gifts because that would mean he had to carry them and he thinks that their presence at the party is gift enough but I like them just the same).
I won't name everything here you can see by the pictures what I got. Amazing aren't they? Finally the food came and everyone started eating and then finally Nasreen came and I really liked that.
She came in just in time for drinks and desert but mostly in time for me to snuggle. But then Auntie Sarah, Uncle Andrew and Ben had to go because it was way past his bedtime and he was getting a bit rowdy. (I think I need to talk to him about the benefits of snuggling.) After they left we saw a man with a puppy who liked to bark and the man made balloon animals but I rather sleep. Nasreen had a key lime pie and Mama had a chocolate lava cake which she shared a taste with Nasreen and then Nasreen had a chocolate lava cake which she shared with everyone. After that we got kicked out by the Management.
The adults decided to go to a bar and finish their socializing (more drinking). Mama and I went home and I looked thru my new books and play with my new toys and try on my new clothes. I loved them. I had a great time. Thank you all for coming. I hope you enjoy the pictures....

Minuette Turns Two

These were taken on her actual birthdate. The dress she is wearing was given to her by Tristan & Andreea when they visted to meet her for the 1st time! It's now a mini-dress just covers her little bum. And of course she's a ham for the camera.