Monday, April 25, 2011

She's growing up....

My little girl is growing up. On one side of the coin, I no longer have to worry too much about paying for Pull-ups or Diapers (she will still wear them at bed time just in case of an accident) but on the other side it means she's really no longer a baby.  She's a Big Kid now. She's even waking up in the middle of the night to go pee when she has to, for the past 4 nights she's either woken up or she's had a dry diaper in the morning. In any event during the training process I had promised her a party if she would use the toilet consistantly. Now she is and because she kept up her part of the bargain so did I. I threw her an underwear party.

Getting the party started

Let's boogey!

Chocolate, yummmmm - Nadra & Sabrina

It's all about Chocolate!! Should have just let Heather bring the cakes these were such a hit especially with Minuette

Heather watching the balloon fun!

A Bum Cake with UNDERWEAR!

Father David Popped by for some cake by demand of Minuette)

Cutting the Cake

waiting for Cake - Sherry & Heather

Looking for eggs!

Balloons on sticks are fun!

Heather: Look there's the days of the week on these. Min: cool what day is today?

Everyone all up in the underwear!!

It's all about the baskets ;-)

Stop taking pictures of me!!

The best seat in the house is a balloon!!!
Britney & Denise

Nadra really has her hands full!!

Nothing better than the love of a daughter and her mother!

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