Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Minuette Starts School!!

So after much debate and arguing and considering both sides of the coin Minuette has successfully started Junior Kindergarten.  Her start date was Thursday September 8, 2011 and is in the Morning class although she was originally supposed to be in the afternoon class. (Min is a night owl, not a morning chick) When her father brought her (I had just started a new job on September 6th, but that's for a different blog) she had saw another kid crying so of course she followed suit, her father had to stay in the class for approximately the first 15 min of the class. He states that she took to school like she was meant to be there.  When class started the teacher told the kids to all sit down on the carpet, and of course Minuette sat down with everyone else. The teacher then pointed at something and asked "Does anyone know what this is?" And they all raised their hands as well as Minuette. The teacher picked Minuette to answer. Minuette said "It's a rain cloud!" Which of course it was ..... Her father proceeded to leave as she no longer needed or noticed him there.  The following is some pictures from her first 2 days of school.

Getting into elevator to on way to first day of the school
In the elevator

On the way....

making sure not to step in the puddles

Getting even closer

Crossing the street

In the Principals Office the first of many???

Trying to find her very first class ever!

Still looking......

Getting excited! Getting closer!!

Found her 1st class ever!!

Classroom door take 2

Next day waiting to go into class!!

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